Feast of Corpus Christi — May 26, 2016

On Thursday May 26th the Feast of Corpus Christi was celebrated with a Solemn High Mass in the Ordinariate Use of the Roman Rite followed by a Procession through the neighborhood and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. All were invited afterwards to a reception at Father Liias’ home, many enjoying the evening in his loved and lovely garden, beautifully illuminated for the occasion.

Pope Urban IV instituted the Feast in 1264, saying in his proclamation Let the hearts and mouths of all break forth in hymns of saving joy; then let faith sing, hope dance, charity exult, devotion applaud, the choir be jubilant, and purity delight. Then let each one with willing spirit and prompt will come together, laudably fulfilling his duties, celebrating the Solemnity of so great a Feast. He asked the great Dominican theologian and philosopher Thomas Aquinas to compose its liturgical propers; some (Pange Lingua and O Salutaris Hostia) are now numbered amongst the best-known and beloved Eucharistic devotions in the Church’s treasury. As can be seen in the Order of Service (link below) Tantum Ergo and O Salutaris were sung in English to beautiful and distinctively Anglocatholic tunes.


Please click here to see a hi-resolution, downloadable PDF version of the poster. The Order of Service is here. Some photographs from the evening follow:


The Gospel is chanted by Deacon Charles Hall; Subdeacon Edward Giordano holds the Gospeller.


The traditional Procession of the Blessed Sacrament follows Deacon Michael Curren, serving as Crucifer. At least one driver stopped her truck and knelt on the pavement as Our Lord passed; the Church’s public witness — both corporate and individual — is a powerful tool of the Holy Spirit. 


The Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament: My Lord and My God!