Our Third Feast of Title on September 3, 2015

We celebrated our third Feast of Title on September 3, 2015 at 7:30 PM at St Patrick’s Church in Stoneham Mass. This was undoubtedly the most splendid of the “special liturgies” which were such a notable feature of our time in Stoneham — and also the last of our Feasts of Title to be celebrated there; although we were still resident at Saint Patrick’s a year later our Fourth Feast of Title (with Bishop Lopes as Celebrant) was held at Saint Andrew’s parish in North Billerica owing to a scheduling conflict. The music of the Mass (which was used at both the third and fourth Feasts) was Giovanni Palestrina‘s majestic and joyous six-part MISSA TU ES PETRUS (You are Peter), sung by professional singers, most of whom were by now our “regulars.”

Handbill for our Third Feast of Title and Dedication, September 3, 2015;
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These liturgies were advertised in the local papers and had become well known in the area (and even further afield, thanks in no small part to our old and good friend Leila Lawler’s blog LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER); several hundred people attended them and were introduced to the beautiful Ordinariate liturgy (if you follow the link to Leila’s blog post…don’t be off-put by the item at the top! When the ping-back appeared on our website, I was SURE it was spam…but to do due diligence followed the link. I will be forever grateful I did!). Click on the button below to download a copy of the pew missal for this Mass, which contains notes to the music as well as they hymns and service music used: