Feast of Title 9.8.13

This community’s first Feast of Title and Dedication was — ironically enough — transferred to the following Sunday, the only time it has not been celebrated on the day itself. It was an occasion both appropriately festive and solemn, and contained many special elements — some unique to the day, and some repeated on successive Feasts of Saint Gregory, such as two new hymns, A Hymn to Saint Gregory and A Recessional for Saint Gregory, written for the occasion. The founding members of the community were formally enrolled while the Litany of the Saints was sung, a version incorporating all their Confirmation Patrons — some very newly taken.
Enrolling the Founding Members of Saint Gregory the Great, September 8th 2013
The newly-finished Chalice and Paten created for us by Florentine-trained goldsmith Vincent Hawley — son of two of the founding members — were presented by him, consecrated by Father Liias, and then used for the first time at this Mass.
Our Newly-Consecrated Chalice and Paten used in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the First Time, September 8th, 2013
More about how these vessels came to be can be read on the page devoted to them, here: Sacred Vessels Project Fr. Jürgen Liias preached this homily on Sept. 8, 2013