Mass at Saint Gregory the Great

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is celebrated weekly on Sunday at 11:30 am at Saint Lawrence Church, 774 Boylston Street, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467. 

During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic a number of changes have been instituted affecting some of our normal practices as described below. We urge you to read about them before visiting us here and look forward to worshipping with you!

Sunday Mass at Saint Gregory the Great incorporates a good deal of music; the propers are chanted by the Cantor to Gregorian melodies and the People sing sections of the Ordinary of the Mass in beautiful settings drawn from the Anglican patrimony; four selections from the patrimony’s great treasure of Hymnody are also sung. Our Mass uses the full Roman Canon and Offertory Prayers of the Traditional Latin Mass in the noble sixteenth and seventeenth century English of the Prayer Book tradition; our Scripture readings are drawn from the Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition.

Promulgation of Divine Worship: The Missal provided the Ordinariate with a final version of its liturgy for worldwide use from Advent Sunday 2015. A Pew Missal based on those texts was produced by the North American Ordinariate, who directed all communities to use it from the same date. An Order of Service is available to assist newcomers to our worship.

The sermon is stimulating to the mind as well as the soul.  Communion is offered under both Species and is received kneeling; non-Catholics may come to the Altar Rail for a Blessing if they desire. Mass lasts about seventy-five minutes; coffee and light refreshment are normally offered immediately thereafter but this has been suspended during the pandemic.

Find out why the priest has his back to us here and why the missal is so important here.

Read about (and listen to) the sung portions of our Mass here.

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Past Pew Missals

Pew Missal for Easter-Tide 2013

Pew Missal for Advent 2013

Our Pew Missal for Christmas & Epiphany 2013-2014

Our Pew Missal for Lent, 2014

Pew Missal for Trinity-Tide 2014