Our Founding Verger on Journey Home on EWTN

Enquiring minds might wonder how a very traditional birth Catholic found himself spending a good quarter of a century among a species of Christians he previously didn’t  know existed — “anglocatholics” — and has ended up a full member of the new portion of the Church erected by Pope Benedict specifically for Anglicans and Episcopalians who wish to undo what Henry, the Eighth of that Name did about 500 years ago, bringing their liturgical patrimony with them — part of which is the office of Verger. If you want to find out what THAT is, go here; but to hear the whole story watch THE JOURNEY HOME on EWTN, January 22, at 8PM.

The show will repeat five hours later at 1 in the morning on Tuesday and once more on Friday at 1 in the afternoon. In about a week or so the episode will appear online on the websites of both EWTN and THE COMING HOME NETWORK; on the latter, it will be available in high-definition and it — like all other episodes — can also be found by keyword search (such as “anglocatholic;” “birth catholic;” “anglican,” and such). These links will take you to the correct pages at EWTN and The Coming Home Network.


At the front left is Saint Gregory the Great’s founding Verger, subject of tonight’s JOURNEY HOME episode in the company of Seán, Cardinal O’Malley and some of the other clergy who attended the Ecumenical Choral Evensong our community offered during the Week for Christian Unity, 2015.