Our Founding Pastor Answers: “Why not just stay Anglican?”

Our founding Pastor, Rev. Jürgen Liias, was ordained a Catholic Priest five years ago by Cardinal Sean O’Malley (the Ordinariate relied on local Diocesan Bishops for her ordinations until Bishop Lopes was consecrated in 2016). He requested and was granted retirement as our Pastor by Bishop Lopes in October 2016 but remains active as a supply Priest in the Archdiocese (he will be Celebrating for Father Bradford twice in July, which will allow us to catch up with each other). Father Liias (like so many others who have come to the fulness of the Faith) was helped along the way by the admirable COMING HOME NETWORK, perhaps most familiar through their EWTN program THE JOURNEY HOME. When a crew was in Boston last March they met him in the nave of our old home in the Church — Saint Patricks, Stoneham. Since then a number of short videos have been released, the most recent today. In it Father Liias describes how his experience of Catholicism from the “inside” changed — and dwarfed — his expectations.