Monsignor Steenson on Saint Gregory the Great….

Monsignor Jeffrey Steenson, the first Ordinary of our Ordinariate, has a long history with our community and our area: he lived here while studying at Gordon Conwell; his daughter was taught by one of our members while a student at Harvard Medical School; he was an old friend of our founding Pastor; and one of his earliest trips, in May 2012, was to what would become our first home in the Church to announce and explain the Ordinariate. He also was the tie-breaker in deciding who would be the Patron of our community when the time for that decision came. When it was decided to refer the matter to him we were fairly sure he would decide on Gregory the Great as his academic specialty is Patristics, the study of the Fathers of the Church; and so it came to pass. Monsignor has just penned a piece for the admirable COMING HOME NETWORK telling some interesting and relevant stories about our patron. You can read them here.