Face of Christ

Painting by Steve Hawley (oil, wax, alkyd resin and gold leaf; 2003)
Donated by the artist and his wife Barbara to Saint Gregory the Great, January 26th, 2013

High-resolution version of the painting

Brochure containing the Artist’s introduction to the painting

HYMNHawleyPaintingWEB Reception Hawley Painting

Father Liias receives the painting from the artist and his wife, Steve and Barbara Hawley.

Blessing Hawley Painting

The painting is blessed: “…grant that all who in its presence pay devout homage to your only-begotten Son may by His merits obtain your grace in this life and everlasting glory in the life to come.”

Homily Hawley Painting

Father Liias’ homily.

Hawley Painting Face of Christ

“Sacred art…is a visual language corresponding to that of sacred writing…My paintings…represent my attempt to integrate spiritual reality with material reality.”