Free Downloadables for Home Altars…

Faithful Catholic Artist Daniel Mitsui’s work is probably known to you — it is instantly recognizable by style — even if you do not know his name. He — along with Matthew Alderman, who has attended our Masses — was one of a number of self-described “Catholic Nerds” who met at Notre Dame about a decade ago and (presumably while continuing their studies) left an extremely amusing blog — often very informative as well — behind them: The Shrine of the Holy Whapping. Everyone has extra time now — go, enjoy yourself.

But I digress. Deprived of public liturgies and Sacramental Communion (and likely to remain so for some time yet in various areas), many have set up home altars and are availing themselves of the ancient practice of Spiritual Communion. Daniel Mitsui is generously offering a selection of items for such home altars as free downloads; they are all in his typical style and typically beautiful. Included amongst them is this illuminated version of the Act of Spiritual Communion:


They can be downloaded here.

While you are there you might also be interested in taking a look at a special offer he is making on a selection of prints — which include a very nice version of Our Lady of Walsingham.

Neither the community of Saint Gregory the Great — nor the writer — receive any compensation for this presentation of Daniel Mitsui’s work, nor for any sales which may result from it.