Father David Barnes on “Why Evangelization Happens”…

Our dear friend Father David Barnes gave our community its first “home in the Church” in 2012 while he was Pastor in Beverly. He is now Catholic chaplain at Boston University which allows many young Catholics (including our own Nathan Turowsky, while enrolled in the Masters Program) to benefit from the same pastoral wisdom and straightforward preaching of the Gospel and the Church’s doctrine as did our nascent community.

Father Barnes began writing a blog back in those days: it is well worth reading from beginning to end (you will even see a few mentions of our community’s doings). While the frequency of his “Shepherd’s Posts” have diminished from the almost-every-day pace of his Beverly years the quality of their contents has not! Today’s offering contains much wisdom concerning what “Evangelization” is…and how to go about it. Highly recommended.

Perhaps you would like to read what Father Barnes had to write when leaving his people in Beverly, where he had served them (and us, briefly, while we awaited our founding Pastor’s Ordination) for thirteen years? The People: My Joy and My Crown.

Please pray for this good Priest and all under his spiritual care.

Father David Barnes

Father David Barnes

The Easter Vigil at BU, 2017. Our own Nathan Turowsky, who was received into the Church at that time, is at the center while Father Barnes baptizes another catechumen.

Boston University’s Easter Vigil, 2017. Our own Nathan Turowsky (who was then received into the Church) is at center rear; Father Barnes baptizes another catechumen.