Dr. Thomas Howard, RIP

Dr. Thomas Howard, late professor of Gordon College and St. John’s Seminary, scion of a noted Evangelical family and famous and influential convert to the fullness of the Catholic Faith died on Thursday October 15th 2020; of your charity, pray for his soul!

Amongst his other, far more important influences (for after his reception into the Church, Tom mentored hundreds of enquirers, many of whom followed his path, as well as authoring a large number of apologetics) — Tom was a foundation stone of the erection of what became Saint Gregory the Great, the Boston area Ordinariate community: when our founding Pastor, Father Jürgen Liias, began in 2009 to consider following the path to unity offered by the promulgation of Anglicanorum Cœtibus at his then continuing-Anglican community in Danvers, he approached Tom Howard to lead two roughly ten-week sessions to investigate first, the history of attempts at reunion between the Catholic Church and the Anglican communion and then the various issues which have separated them. Subsequently, when 12 people decided they would follow Fr. Liias into the Catholic Church, Tom served as Catechist to the larger group then called “The Anglican Ordinariate Fellowship;” those of our number who were received before Father Liias was received and later ordained worshipped at Tom and Lovelace’s parish of Saint Mary Star of the Sea in Beverly under the Pastorship of Father David Barnes.

Tom was the very first guest of the hugely influential television program THE JOURNEY HOME, a co-production of the wonderful apostolate The Coming Home Network and The Eternal Word Television Network; he returned after his wife Lovelace, who survives him, was received into the Church. In this excerpt Tom — at about the age we knew him in the early days of this community — describes his conviction and conversion to the fullness of the Faith:

 Well done, thou good and faithful Servant!