Devotional Aids in a Time of No Public Liturgies

As we enter a period of unknown length during which public liturgies are prohibited in the Archdiocese of Boston, aids to private devotion — particularly those which assist the individual worshipper in continuing the Church’s liturgical life and/or allow him or her to worship at distance with others — take on particular value.

A previous post has mentioned the generous offer of the editors and publisher of MAGNIFICAT magazine, allowing totally free access to the online version of their excellent [Ordinary Form/Roman Calendar] monthly pew missal and devotional magazine. Further details can be had by following this link.

Another excellent resource — and a Patrimonial one — is Morning and Evening Prayer, prayed as a group over a telephone conference line, offered as an Apostolate by our own parishioner John Covert. Although not an official project of the Ordinariate the Readings follow the Ordo (and therefore our unique Ordinariate Calendar) and this admirable effort has been approved by the Office of Worship. Full details can be found on the project’s website.