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Bishop Lopes’ New Pastoral Letter COME HOLY GHOST!

On February 14th our dear Bishop released his most recent Pastoral Letter, devoted to the Holy Ghost in the life of the Church considered through the lens of Saint John Henry Newman’s thought. Like all of Bishop Lopes’ writing it is clear, concise and Catholic and contains practical advice and counsel regarding applications unique to the Ordinariate… Read more

Augustus Welby Pugin, Father of the Gothic Revival

Eric Maurer, an old friend of our community, brings news of an upcoming presentation concerning the life and work of the notable English convert, architect, and designer Augustus Welby Pugin, who almost single-handedly created the Gothic Revival in the Anglosphere. Even if you don’t recognize his name you know some of his work — the Palace… Read more

JUBILEE MASS on Sunday November 3rd

Dear Members and Friends of Saint Gregory the Great — Bishop Lopes has asked all communities of the Ordinariate to celebrate a special Jubilee Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit on Sunday November third in Thanksgiving for the Tenth Anniversary of the Erection of the Ordinariate. Father Bradford has given his permission for our community… Read more

Bishop Lopes Interviewed by National Catholic Register

The NATIONAL CATHOLIC REGISTER, published by EWTN, has just presented an interview with our dear Bishop in which he describes some of the charisms of Ordinariate communities, including worshipping in the beauty of holiness and a strong tradition of fellowship. By the Grace of God, both these traits have been part of Saint Gregory the… Read more

Does the Statue of Our Lady of Walsingham still Exist?

Thought to have been burnt in 1539 — either in Thomas Cromwell’s courtyard, or at Smithfield — could England’s most venerated Marian image actually still survive? The details (both physical, as detailed in this article, and connected with a confusion as to provenance when the 13th century statue was entered into the V&A’s collection) make a… Read more

The Priestly Ordination of Deacon O’Hanlon

Deacon Brian Peter O’Hanlon has been a friend of this community for almost as long as it has existed: he entered the seminary at the same time our founding Pastor was ordained as a Catholic priest; and now the time has come for that Sacrament to be conferred on him, as well. He has served… Read more

Our Very Own Clare Kappenman on CATHOLIC ANSWERS

Parishioner Clare Kappenman, who was received into the Church through Saint Gregory the Great in 2015 (as was her husband Jeremy a bit later), appeared on CATHOLIC ANSWERS yesterday as a contestant on their regular Catholic Answers Quiz segment. If you play along you will have an appreciation of just how well-formed our Clare is: the… Read more

Evangelization Tips from Saint Paul — Via SHAMELESS POPERY

We of the Ordinariate have a particular vocation to evangelization — although, as Joe Heschmeyer, the author of the excellent blog SHAMELESS POPERY, points out ALL of us are called to evangelize. The nature of the Ordinariate and the paths by which many members have entered the Church give us ample opportunity. But evangelization is never easy for… Read more

Bp Lopes Speaks: “Meet the Ordinariate”

Our dear Bishop recently made an Episcopal Visitation to the Fellowship of Saint Alban near Rochester New York. During his time with our fellow members Bishop Lopes gave an address entitled MEET THE ORDINARIATE. His talk was wide-ranging, covering into story of how the Ordinariate arose from the experience of ecumenism post-Vatican II; what it is and the nature of its distinctive… Read more

Father Bradford’s Homily for Saint Gregory’s Day 2018

During the Solemn High Mass honoring our Patron celebrated at Saint Lawrence Church at ten in the morning (when we were honored by the presence of this community’s old friend transitional Deacon Brian O’Hanlon serving in that role with our own Steven Hardy serving as Subdeacon, as well as old friend David Allen serving as Crucifer and Acolyte)… Read more

Our Founding Pastor Answers: “Why not just stay Anglican?”

Our founding Pastor, Rev. Jürgen Liias, was ordained a Catholic Priest five years ago by Cardinal Sean O’Malley (the Ordinariate relied on local Diocesan Bishops for her ordinations until Bishop Lopes was consecrated in 2016). He requested and was granted retirement as our Pastor by Bishop Lopes in October 2016 but remains active as a… Read more

Father David Barnes on “Why Evangelization Happens”…

Our dear friend Father David Barnes gave our community its first “home in the Church” in 2012 while he was Pastor in Beverly. He is now Catholic chaplain at Boston University which allows many young Catholics (including our own Nathan Turowsky, while enrolled in the Masters Program) to benefit from the same pastoral wisdom and straightforward preaching… Read more

Saint GK Chesterton? Perhaps…

Most people — particularly those in the Ordinariate — would probably agree that the most significant individuals to have made the trip from Canterbury to Rome (and assuredly when speaking of the nineteenth century) would be Cardinal Newman and GK Chesterton. Of these two giants among apologists the austere and brilliant Cardinal is already well… Read more

Our dear Father Barnes on the Priesthood…

WE ARE GRATEFUL our Community has been blessed by the friendship and pastoral care of a number of remarkable Priests of the Archdiocese, fulfilling Pope Benedict’s desire that Ordinariate communities be fully integrated into the life of the larger Church yet remain true to their own particular tradition and charism. The most recent is our current Pastor… Read more

Our Verger’s JOURNEY HOME episode now available ONLINE

Last night’s episode of THE JOURNEY HOME, featuring Saint Gregory the Great’s founding Verger, is already available online! You can view it in high-definition on The Coming Home Network’s website here; it is also uploaded to YouTube. The program will also be rebroadcast on EWTN this Friday at one in the afternoon… Read more

Our Founding Verger on Journey Home on EWTN

Enquiring minds might wonder how a very traditional birth Catholic found himself spending a good quarter of a century among a species of Christians he previously didn’t  know existed — “anglocatholics” — and has ended up a full member of the new portion of the Church erected by Pope Benedict specifically for Anglicans and Episcopalians… Read more