Each of Fr. Liias’ homilies has a page where you can listen to it online or download it to your own computer or other device, as well as view the Order of Service for that day’s Mass.

Father Bradford’s Homily for Saint Gregory’s Day 2018

During the Solemn High Mass honoring our Patron celebrated at Saint Lawrence Church at ten in the morning (when we were honored by the presence of this community’s old friend transitional Deacon Brian O’Hanlon serving in that role with our own Steven Hardy serving as Subdeacon, as well as old friend David Allen serving as Crucifer and Acolyte)… Read more

“Now, my tongue, the mystery telling…”

A special tradition for the feast. Sine dominico non possumus: Dying to go to Mass. Johnny Gold-mouth says his piece. First Communions: a notorious sinner (of seven years’ age…) and two Episcopalian-convert Roman Catholic priests. A quick trip to the 17th Century, and then: to the moon (with Buzz, not with Alice). “Therefore we, before Him bending….” — Dom Gregory… Read more

The Holy Estate of Matrimony

A number of firsts. “The Tribulation of the Tribunal” — why? Faithful witness: Ecclesial and personal. Results — the past, drawn up into the Paschal Mystery; the future, on a new footing — ’til death do you part! You have a very good matchmaker (whether you know it or not). “The Stupidest Line in ANY… Read more

Pope Saint Gregory the Great (second Feast of Title and Dedication)

The Eucharist means “Thanksgiving;” — this one, particularly. A generous welcome to a thriving home. The Naming of Names, and the Communion of Saints — personal friends in the Churches Militant and Glorious. A wonderful experience in Rome. Rich and close connections: Rome and Canterbury; Gregory and Augustine. Two aspects of Gregory’s English mission, and… Read more

Good Friday “…under Pontius Pilate”

Being remembered…for better or worse. Mrs. Pilate’s dream interpreted (by a mystery writer). Something new: a religion of facts. The perfect mortal sin?…[your name here] Who got it right — Eusebius, or the Copts: Suicide or Salvation? This homily was preached by Fr. Jürgen Liias on April 18, 2014. https://soundcloud.com/stgregorythegreatparish/homily-4-18-14-good-friday-under-pontius-pilate… Read more

The Mass: Communion to Dismissal

“Altar Calls” for Catholics — Receiving and Believing. Absorbing and Transcending: The Mystery of Union at the Wedding Feast of the Lamb. From “being like” to “becoming” (today’s vocabulary words: Theophagy; Theosis). “Cloning unto Immortality”? — No, really! “Food for the trip; Drink for the journey:” sent forth to “be the Mass” in the world… Read more

The Mass: The Lord’s Prayer to Communion

The Kiss of Peace; all the other ones, as well…especially (so Saint Bernard) THE Kiss, Himself. Blessing and Breaking. Anamnesis: present at Calvary; present at the Resurrection: “with what rapture gaze we on those glorious Scars!” Surrendering our wounds to Jesus — and the result. This homily was preached by Fr. Jürgen Liias on February… Read more

The Mass: The Mystery of Faith to The Lord’s Prayer

Fratricides; rams in thickets; angels; the living and the dead — Our Lord reigns on the Altar and all time and creation is remembered before Him. Also a completely unique aspect of Jesus’ prayers…and why we stand to say the OUR FATHER. This homily was preached by Fr. Jürgen Liias on February 9, 2014. https://soundcloud.com/stgregorythegreatparish/the-mass-part-8-the-mystery-of-faith-to-the-lords-prayer… Read more

The Mass: Introducing the Liturgy of the Eucharist

“The Grand Miracle of Christianity” in the Sacrament of the Altar — and in ourselves. Were there Christmas Trees in the Garden of Eden? Taking and Blessing. What does “Liturgy” mean? Why is the Mass one?  What’s the difference between Ritual and Ceremonial? Vesture, Gesture, and Posture. Vocabulary word of the day: “adiaphora.” This homily… Read more

The Mass: Opening Collects through Kyrie

Christmas and Easter, every week. Did you get the memo? Intentionality and the Work of the People. Joining the Dance of the Trinity: Perichoresis. Thomas Cranmer, Martin Luther, a Blind Man, and Jeremiah the Prophet rub shoulders in the Mass. Whether you know the definition of “pyschomachia” or not — you know what it means… Read more

The Mass: Preparation for Worship

Christ’s four Advents. The Mass, Source and Summit of the Christian life — a new form for a new part of the Church. “Full, conscious, and active participation.” Distinctives of the Anglican Patrimony; did Cranmer ever have an original thought? Preparing for Mass: Confessing; Fasting; Tithing; Reading; Praying. The Sacramental act of…getting out of bed… Read more

Pope Saint Gregory the Great (first Feast of Title and Dedication)

A life of paradoxes: Born to riches, drawn to poverty in a city struggling to survive. Prevented from going to the back of beyond; forced to sit on a throne; choosing to be the servant of the servants of God. Who was Gregory the Great? How did he become our Patron? What special charisms did… Read more

A Vision for Our Community

Pausing to catch a first breath after three months. Saint Gregory and Pope Benedict: two visions. The special charism of new converts and a fullness of joy. Wesley and Newman. A charism of ecumenism. The New Evangelization: sanctification within the Church; a bridge to Separated Brethren; a moral beacon to the world. The New God-fearers… Read more