Formation and Teaching

Our Very Own Clare Kappenman on CATHOLIC ANSWERS

Parishioner Clare Kappenman, who was received into the Church through Saint Gregory the Great in 2015 (as was her husband Jeremy a bit later), appeared on CATHOLIC ANSWERS yesterday as a contestant on their regular Catholic Answers Quiz segment. If you play along you will have an appreciation of just how well-formed our Clare is: the… Read more

Bp Lopes Speaks: “Meet the Ordinariate”

Our dear Bishop recently made an Episcopal Visitation to the Fellowship of Saint Alban near Rochester New York. During his time with our fellow members Bishop Lopes gave an address entitled MEET THE ORDINARIATE. His talk was wide-ranging, covering into story of how the Ordinariate arose from the experience of ecumenism post-Vatican II; what it is and the nature of its distinctive… Read more

Our Founding Pastor Answers: “Why not just stay Anglican?”

Our founding Pastor, Rev. Jürgen Liias, was ordained a Catholic Priest five years ago by Cardinal Sean O’Malley (the Ordinariate relied on local Diocesan Bishops for her ordinations until Bishop Lopes was consecrated in 2016). He requested and was granted retirement as our Pastor by Bishop Lopes in October 2016 but remains active as a… Read more

Our dear Father Barnes on the Priesthood…

WE ARE GRATEFUL our Community has been blessed by the friendship and pastoral care of a number of remarkable Priests of the Archdiocese, fulfilling Pope Benedict’s desire that Ordinariate communities be fully integrated into the life of the larger Church yet remain true to their own particular tradition and charism. The most recent is our current Pastor… Read more

Bishop Barron on S Thomas More, Pope Benedict, and Democracy…

Halfway between the Martyrdoms of S John Cardinal Fisher (June 22, chosen as the Feast for both Saints) and S Thomas More (July 6) seems a good time to post this video by then Father, now Bishop, Robert Barron (of the excellent CATHOLICISM television series). He talks about his favorite film, A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS: the… Read more

Bishop Lopes’ Pastoral Letter — THE HOLY EUCHARIST : The Mystery of Faith

Our Bishop has produced a Pastoral Letter for Corpus Christi on the Eucharist which is wide-ranging; deeply Catholic; and learned regarding the history and Patrimony of Anglicanism: while ascending to the Heavens, our Bishop also takes time to praise his flock for their fortitude in entering full communion and urges them to continue in their… Read more