Evangelization Tips from Saint Paul — Via SHAMELESS POPERY

We of the Ordinariate have a particular vocation to evangelization — although, as Joe Heschmeyer, the author of the excellent blog SHAMELESS POPERY, points out ALL of us are called to evangelize. The nature of the Ordinariate and the paths by which many members have entered the Church give us ample opportunity. But evangelization is never easy for… Read more

Our Founding Pastor Answers: “Why not just stay Anglican?”

Our founding Pastor, Rev. Jürgen Liias, was ordained a Catholic Priest five years ago by Cardinal Sean O’Malley (the Ordinariate relied on local Diocesan Bishops for her ordinations until Bishop Lopes was consecrated in 2016). He requested and was granted retirement as our Pastor by Bishop Lopes in October 2016 but remains active as a… Read more

Father David Barnes on “Why Evangelization Happens”…

Our dear friend Father David Barnes gave our community its first “home in the Church” in 2012 while he was Pastor in Beverly. He is now Catholic chaplain at Boston University which allows many young Catholics (including our own Nathan Turowsky, while enrolled in the Masters Program) to benefit from the same pastoral wisdom and straightforward preaching… Read more

Our Verger’s JOURNEY HOME episode now available ONLINE

Last night’s episode of THE JOURNEY HOME, featuring Saint Gregory the Great’s founding Verger, is already available online! You can view it in high-definition on The Coming Home Network’s website here; it is also uploaded to YouTube. The program will also be rebroadcast on EWTN this Friday at one in the afternoon… Read more

Our Founding Verger on Journey Home on EWTN

Enquiring minds might wonder how a very traditional birth Catholic found himself spending a good quarter of a century among a species of Christians he previously didn’t  know existed — “anglocatholics” — and has ended up a full member of the new portion of the Church erected by Pope Benedict specifically for Anglicans and Episcopalians… Read more

Our Verger on THE JOURNEY HOME this Monday…

Saint Gregory the Great’s Founding Verger Kevin McDermott will be Marcus Grodi’s guest on EWTN’s program THE JOURNEY HOME this Monday, January 22nd. Airing at 8 o’clock in the evening EST, the show repeats at 1 in the morning on Tuesday and again the following Friday at 1 in the afternoon. The episode will appear online in about a… Read more

Ubi Episcopus, Ibi Ecclesia — Wonderful Interview with Bishop Lopes!

Fr. Thomas Rosica CSA, moderator of SALT AND LIGHT TV, aptly quotes Ignatius of Antioch — one of the earliest Church Fathers — to mark the significance of Steven Lopes’ Consecration as our Bishop: VBI EPISCOPVS IBI ECCLESIA: Where the Bishop is, there is the Church: with the provision of a Bishop, the Ordinariate has reached full… Read more

Father Barnes on “the Sense of Belonging”…

“Belonging requires commitment and work…It involves doing things together, spending time together, and true communication…Belonging builds up the individual and, in turn, builds up the community. Today, even those in the Church are losing that sense of belonging. Too much focus on ecclesiastical politics turns the Church into another distant news category that people can… Read more

Father Barnes on How to Grow the Church…

Father David Barnes, a beloved Priest whose love and care towards this community was crucial to our early life, maintains an excellent blog: A SHEPHERD’S POST. Today’s entry deals with many of the issues leader Don Smith spoke to regarding Evangelization, subject of our recent Retreat. A short taste: “The Gospel spread all over the… Read more

News from Japan (and a great story—and poem!—as well)

OUR DEAR SISTER CLARE MARKS has just sent an email full of news and other things; they — and her story — are too good not to share. Those attending Mass September 20th had the opportunity to meet Clare, participate in her Reception and Confirmation, and hear a bit of what lead to that blessed event; for those… Read more