Augustus Welby Pugin, Father of the Gothic Revival

Eric Maurer, an old friend of our community, brings news of an upcoming presentation concerning the life and work of the notable English convert, architect, and designer Augustus Welby Pugin, who almost single-handedly created the Gothic Revival in the Anglosphere. Even if you don’t recognize his name you know some of his work — the Palace of Westminster, including “Big Ben’s” clock tower. You can read more about the presentation — which will be given by Pugin’s great-great-grandson at 7:00PM on Thursday November 21st at Saint Paul’s parish in Harvard Square — here. If you care to learn more about the man and his works before attending — or just for the value of knowing more about this important figure in Anglocatholic, English Catholic, and English and world architectural and design history — a good short overview can be found here; a much more comprehensive survey with illustrations can be read on Wikipædia.