The Joys, Privileges, and Disciplines of the Catholic Christian Life

For seven Sundays in the Fall of 2013, Fr. Liias preached on one of “The Joys, Privileges, and Disciplines of the Catholic Christian Life” as expressed in our Parish Discipline.

Saint Gregory the Great formally enrolled its founding members during our first Feast of Title and Dedication on September 8th. The vision of membership in a parish of our founding Pastor, Father Liias,  has always been covenantal: a personal commitment, expressed through a set of vows and promises, with God in Jesus Christ; the Universal Church; and one’s local community of priest and people, here gathered as Saint Gregory the Great.

Father Liias took the seven particular vows and promises in our parish discipline and preached on them over seven weeks, highlighting not only the responsibilities but also the joys and comforts of the deep and rich Catholic life

Dear Members, Friends, and Visitors of St. Gregory the Great Church,
My hope in this series of sermons is to deepen our knowledge and experience of Catholic Christianity.  Though geared to those of us coming from an Anglican background, I hope this will assist all Catholics in the joyful and rewarding practice of the Catholic Faith.
Fr. Jürgen Liias, Fouding Pastor

Living into the Mercy of God: The Sacrament of Confession
September 15, 2013

Living into the Generosity of God: Stewardship and Sacrificial Giving
September 22

Living into God’s Heart for the Poor: The Church’s Social Mission
September 29

Living into the Service of God: The Sacrament of Confirmation: Power for Ministry
October 6

Living into God’s Healing Grace: The Sacrament of Unction
(This Mass included Unction and Healing Prayer)
October 13

Living into God’s Presence: Spiritual Disciplines of Daily Prayer, and Scripture Reading and Fasting
October 20

Living into God’s Order: The Sacrament of Holy Orders: Humility and Mutual Submission
October 27