Join Our Community

“When I am lifted up from the Earth I will draw all men to Myself”
—John 12:32

Saint Gregory the Great is a joyously Catholic, welcoming community — we invite all to our worship and fellowship: seekers; Fellow-Christians considering or discerning reception into the Catholic Church; and other Catholics — especially those returning to an active participation in their Faith. Saint Gregoryʼs is a new community of a new part of the Catholic Church, established by Pope Benedict the XVI in January 2012: we are all newcomers! Most of us have gotten to Saint Gregory the Great from somewhere else, as well: either to Catholicism from other Christian denominations or as Catholics who have found worship in the Anglican Use speaks deeply to them. All of us are here because we love our Lord, Jesus Christ, and have a deep desire to bind up and build up His Church and bring His message to the World.

You are welcome to worship with us once, every now and then, or for the rest of your life. Perhaps you will spend enough time with us to want to join our community — nothing could please us more! It is not necessary to become a formal member of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter to be a member of our community. Membership in the Ordinariate is predicated on having a particular religious history (examples are having come [or coming] to Catholicism from a Protestant denomination or, as a birth Catholic, having spent time worshiping in a Protestant environment) or family relationship (such as having a spouse whose history makes them eligible, or being the minor children of such a couple); individual situations vary widely. If you are a Fellow-Christian considering or seeking reception into full communion with the Catholic Church it is possible (after sufficient discernment and instruction) to be received into full communion at any time through the Ordinariate. An example of the Rite of Reception and the Sacrament of Confirmation, which is used to welcome you into the Catholic Church is here. After you have become a Catholic, you will able to join the Ordinariate; the form you will fill out is here. If you are already a Catholic and have the sort of history which you believe would make you eligible for membership in the Ordinariate, please contact us; we would love to have you join us on this Pilgrimage of Grace!